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Do Hire Vehicles Have Cameras (CCTV)?

All of our vans at Redditch Vehicle Hire are fitted with the state of the art CCTV cameras to protect our customers. Although this is not a mandatory requirement for hire companies we strongly believe onboard cameras provide our customers with peace of mind and safety against other road users.

Onboard Cameras (dashcams) have been in use for years protecting drivers against a wide range of criminal activity and fraudulent insurance claims. The old dashcams used to work with an SD card that would record the footage and could be replayed back at a later time as evidence against illegal activity or abuse to other drivers along with providing valuable information for insurance companies.

This has evolved now to (FFCDC) Forward Facing Connected Dash Cams. These advanced devices use harsh driving sensors to trigger instant notifications of incidents on the road and give supporting data along with video evidence. This information is then instantly transmitted to the cloud and to our office notifying our team if one of our customers is in need of assistance. The camera will pin point its location on a GPS tracking system, notifying us of the hires exact location. This is imperative should our hirer be in need of emergency assistance following a road traffic collision.

There is also a manual trigger on the camera  that can be activated by anyone within the vehicle should they feel the need to transmit any data/footage of an incident that has occurred.

Connected dash cams use g-force sensors to detect incidents and automatically upload HD video footage to a cloud-based platform. G-force settings can be customised based on a vehicles needs, which varies based on use and vehicle type. The video feed upload process is seamless and touchless and doesn’t require manual intervention by the driver.

Drivers often have completely different memories and descriptions of an accident. With video evidence you can prove that you weren’t the driver responsible for an accident, you can save yourself from being found at fault by an insurance company and protect any excess charges that may be applied following an accident.

If you have a feeling the accident you were in, or just witnessed, may have been a “crash for cash”, the onboard cameras will again protect you and others with the footage of the accident. Catching a fraudster in a staged accident, can indirectly lower your insurance and prevent increased premiums in the future and again protect any excess charges that may be applied following an accident.

Following research over 25% of motorists feel that having a dashcam would improve there driving and out of those, 69% that have had an accident involving a dispute of blame said that camera footage would have helped there case. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/risk-insights/dashcam-benefits/

Over the years cameras have had significant results in protecting insurance claims by providing true and accurate information to authorities, be safe and protected when hiring your next vehicle and ask if the vehicle has onboard video recording technology.

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